Our People

educ_sup_schoolThe real strength of WACAS is our people. We have more than 100 members, 40 volunteers, a few staff and a dedicated team of trustees – all working together to meet the social, cultural and educational needs of the African and Caribbean community in and around Watford.

Board of Elected Trustees

The trustees provide leadership and strategic direction for WACAS. They work closely with all parts of the organisation to implement strategy either directly or through a series of sub-committees – Personnel, Finance & Strategy, Social, International Emergency Planning, Health & Well-Being and the Supplementary School. The Board of Trustees is made up of members (all unpaid) who come from varied backgrounds and bring with them a mix of skills and experiences from the private, public, community, faith, education and voluntary sectors. All the trustees reside in or around Watford.

The trustees have a legal responsibility to ensure WACAS resources are properly managed and are used only for the legal purposes of the charity. The trustees are also directors for WACAS.

The current serving trustees are as follows:

  • Clive Saunders (Chair), clive@wacas.org.uk, tel. 01923 750975 ext. 5102
  • Theresa Williamson (Vice-Chair), theresa@wacas.org.uk, tel: 01923 750975 ext. 5108
  • Amidou Njie (Treasurer), amidou@wacas.org.uk, tel. 01923 750975 ext. 5104
  • Valerie Osborne (Secretary), valerie@wacas.org.uk, tel. 01923 750975 ext. 5105
  • Sebastien Joseph
  • Pearline McFarlane
  • Leslie Billy
  • Daisy Peets
  • Guy Miller
  • Malcolm Meerabux
  • Ovie Uzuazebe

New trustees are nominated and elected at the Annual General Meeting.