Founded in 1976, WACAS is a small independent not-for-profit charity registered in accordance with the Charities Act 1993. Our registered charity number in England and Wales is 1144021. Our registered office is:

Watford African Caribbean Association Limited, Holywell Community Centre, Chaffinch Lane, Tolpits Lane, Watford, Herfordshire WD18 9QD

WACAS is also constituted as a company limited by guarantee and is registered under the Companies Act 1985. Our limited company number is registered in England and Wales, number 07618383.

As an independent not-for-profit charity, WACAS does not seek political position nor does it support any political cause or activity. Whatever financial support WACAS receives, whether domestically or internationally, is exclusively used for charitable purposes, particularly supporting well-being, health, education, culture and other related services.

WACAS is not registered for VAT as our turnover in relation to “taxable business activities” is below the VAT registration threshold.

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