Fitzwilliam Museum

Origins of the Afro CombAs part of the Watford African Caribbean Association’s programme of events for Black History Month, nearly thirty people travelled to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to visit the Origins of the Afro Comb exhibition.

Ancient artefacts and intricate carvings were on display. The group were surprised to learn that the Afro Comb has a history going back some 6,000 years and such an everyday item has a rich and deep connection with black culture.

Association supporter, Beverley King said “There were ancient designs of combs from most countries within the African continent – the earliest exhibits are believed to date from pre-dynastic Egypt.  We were of course all familiar with the more modern colourful and retro designs of the 1960/70’s.  Contemporary items were also shown made from modern silver metals and decorated with semi-precious stones.”

Feedback from the group was positive and they all enjoyed the excursion. They now look forward to the next trip, so watch this space.

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