The Watford African Caribbean Association (“WACAS”) warmly welcomes new members. Membership enables you to have greater involvement in the Association. By becoming a member you will:

  • receive regular information about WACAS activities
  • be invited to attend meetings, exhibitions and events (some of which are exclusive)
  • be entitled to share your thoughts and concerns with the Membership Council
  • receive discounts on selected services offered by WACAS
  • have the opportunity to vote at Annual General Meetings and stand for nomination as a Trustee
  • get free access to the library and media service

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a member of WACAS. Becoming a member is voluntary. A low, flat annual subscription of £12 is chargeable. This sum contributes to the running costs of the Association and the delivery of services.

Click Here To Pay Your Annual Membership Fee Download Membership Application Form – PDF Format Download Membership Application Form – Word Document


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