Volunteers are vital to the work of WACAS. Without them WACAS simply would not exist.

Our volunteers are amazing and we cannot thank them enough for all that they do. Whether it’s helping to put on an event, fundraising, writing newsletters, sharing skills, assisting teachers at our school or reading to an older person – they make a big difference that is appreciated and valued.

Anyone over the age of 14 can join us and the great thing about volunteering is that it’s so flexible. You can fit it around all of the other things that you have to do. Whether you can spare a few hours once a week or fortnight or can give a couple of days each month we will have an opportunity for you.

Why not be part of making sure that our community get the support they need and want, while at the same time making new friends,  having fun and accessing free training courses in areas such as first aid, food hygiene, leadership, management and much more.

For more information, complete the form below.

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